Do You Know The History And Reason Behind The Talking Drum?

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Do You Know The History And Reason Behind The Talking Drum?

The talking drum is historically from Africa, it is a percussion instrument which is popular with the Fuji and juju music linked to the Yorubas in West Africa, particularly Nigeria.

It is called the Talking Drum because its pitch can be modulated easily in such a way that it mimics the tone and prosody of human speech.

It is used as a traditional means of communication among the Yoruba people and some other ethnic groups in West Africa.  Talented drummers also use it to imitate any spoken word.

The Traditional talking drum takes the shape of Ann Hourglass with two drums on either side connected by tension strings made of leather. The tension strings allow for manipulation by the drummer.

The Fulani people call it Mbaggu and Baggel. It is called Kalangu by the Hausas and the Yoruba people refer to it as Gangan or Dundun.


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