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I feel like “Tired” is a 3 minute capsule of how my generation feels, the fight, the pain, the anger, the exhaustion from living in permanent dread of just existing as a black man/woman in this world. There is a new revolution out there ‘cause we are tired. I hope this song urges us all to continue to do the right thing and becomes a melodic beacon of hope. All proceeds of ‘Tired’ will be donated to organizations and initiatives selected by Shirazee that focus on ending racial profiling as well as foster the empowerment and betterment of Black lives: Color Of Change, NAACPLDF and the ACLU Campaign Against Racial Profiling.

Credits Tired (Song) Written by Shirazee Mixed and Produced by Kizzo Mastering by Kevin Grainger

Tired (Video) Concept by Shirazee Director: Modern Day Auteur Assistant Director: TJ Ferrari Creative Producer: Antoinette Isama Creative Consultant: Thomas Lebale


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